Junior's Cheesecake


I was the lead UI designer on this project and worked with a team of one project project manager and two developers.  At the time, Junior's was undergoing a full redesign of their website.  I was responsible for improving the functionality of their shopping and checkout experience.  Here are some features that I worked on.


The goals were to improve CTA placement and design, provide clear navigation structure with page sorting and categorization,  better search efficiency so that customers could quickly reach their desired product pages, improved category pages, improved registration pages, checkout pages, clear payment and delivery options, and responsive design.


One of Junior's requirements was multiple addresses so that customers can ship to mutilple friends and family during the holidays, one of Junior's busiest seasons.  This allows customers to have their orders delivered to more than one address at checkout page.


The wireframes were delivered to a creative agency who used Junior's styleguide to create mockups.

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